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The Peripatetic Historian: Via Romea Germanica

In the Summer of 2019, my lovely wife Mary and I hiked the Italian portion of the Via Romea Germanica, an ancient pilgrimage route that once brought pilgrims to Rome. This page contains the sixty-two installments of our journey. Written in the evenings, after the stress of a long day's walk, the original blog had a rough, unfinished quality. I am now revising those pages, with the intent of offering a more polished account of our trip, which can be accessed through the links that follow.

The Via Romea Germanica: Introduction

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Our travel series starts with a brief introduction.

Day 01: Brennero to Vipiteno

Our long hike south begins with a train ride north to Brennero, a small town on the Austrian border.

Day 02: Vipiteno to Mezzaselva

After two nights in Vipiteno, it is time to continue south.

Day 03: Mezzaselva to Bressanone

Will the Peripatetic Historian be able to distract Mary from her marble-carving?

Day 04: Bressanone, Italy to Chiusa

Rain, walking with the saints, the Chestnut Trail, and an encounter with stinco.

Day 05: Chiusa, Italy to Collalbo

Lost in the mountains, the Church of Santa Verena, and a quick glimpse of the Pyramids of the Earth.

Day 06: Collalbo, Italy to Bolzano

Strolling with Sigmund Freud, amazed by the Pyramids of the Earth, footsore after a long descent.

Day 07: Bolzano, Italy

Shopping in an 800 year old mall, dodging Otzi’s spear, and a gruesome meeting with a former pilgrim.

Day 08: Bolzano, Italy to Termeno

Led into a trap, skipping the mountain museum, two lakes and one lovely glass of prosecco.

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