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Richard has devoted the last twenty years to writing academic books about Christianity and its development in the Later Roman Empire. Recently he has been spending more time in the modern world, working on books intended for a popular audience. Until these new projects bear fruit, this list represents his oeuvre.

A Reader's Hebrew and Greek Bible. Second Edition. Zondervan, 2020, 2010.

A Reader's Hebrew and Greek Bible brings together A Reader's Hebrew Bible (A. Philip Brown II and Bryan W. Smith) with A Reader's Greek New Testament (Richard J. Goodrich and Albert J. Lukaszewski). These works support intermediate students of Greek and Hebrew by offering definitions for words that occur infrequently in the two sources.

Sulpicius Severus: Complete Works. Ancient Christian Writers, 70. Paulist Press, 2015.

Volume 70 in the Ancient Christian Writers series offers the first complete English translation since the late nineteenth century of the works of Sulpicius Severus, an early fifth-century Gallic writer. Although Sulpicius is primarily known for his two works on Saint Martin of Tours (Life of Saint Martin and Dialogues), he also wrote the Chronica, a history of the world in two books that began with the creation of Adam and extended to the ecclesiastical controversies of late-fourth-century Gaul. These three works, plus a small number of extant letters, offer a fascinating glimpse into the emerging Gallic church, the use of historical writing in biography, apologetic, and polemic, and the role played by Roman aristocrats in promoting and shaping the western monastic movement.

A Reader's Greek New Testament. Third Edition. Zondervan, 2015, 2012, 2008. With Albert J. Lukaszewski.

A Reader’s Greek New Testament: Third Edition saves time and effort in studying the Greek New Testament. If a Greek word appears in the New Testament fewer than 30 times, then a definition is provided. This serves as an aid when you encounter less common vocabulary, allowing you to focus on reading, comprehension, parsing, and grammatical issues. You no longer have to interrupt your reading, searching through a lexicon! Featuring a handsome Italian Duo-Tone™ binding, A Reader’s Greek New Testament: Third Edition is a practical, attractive, and surprisingly affordable resource.

Features of this third edition include: footnoted definitions of all words occurring 30 times or less; mini-lexicon of all words occurring more than 30 times; Greek text underlying the New International Version; footnotes comparing the Greek text with the critical text of UBS5/NA28; 4 pages of full-color maps; marker ribbon; and easy-to-read Greek fonts.

St Jerome, Commentary on Ecclesiastes. Ancient Christian Writers, 66. Paulist Press, 2012. With David Miller.

This first-ever translation into English of this early work by St. Jerome includes a commentary by the translators that not only elucidates the difficulties but also presents an original view of Jerome's approach to the theological issues raised by this challenging book of the Bible.

Contextualizing Cassian: Aristocrats, Asceticism, and Reformation in Fifth-Century Gaul. Oxford University Press, 2008.

Richard J. Goodrich examines the attempt by the fifth-century ascetic writer John Cassian to influence and shape the development of Western monasticism. Goodrich's close analysis of Cassian's earliest work (The Institutes) focuses on his interaction with the values and preconceptions of a traditional Roman elite, as well as his engagement with contemporary writers. By placing The Institutes in context, Goodrich demonstrates just how revolutionary this foundational work was for its time and milieu.

A Summer Greek Reader. Zondervan, 2001. With David Diewert.

A Summer Greek Reader is the first practical text specifically designed to help students of introductory Greek Strengthen their grasp of the essentials over the summer. By spending just twenty minutes a day, students not only maintain what they’ve learned in their first-year class, but will also build their working vocabulary and gain practice with extended Greek New Testament passages.This volume is perfect for students who want to begin reading complete passages of the Greek New Testament while avoiding the complexities encountered in intermediate and advanced studies. A Summer Greek Reader encourages readers to memorize new words while applying the essentials of Greek to translating larger blocks of the New Testament text.

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